Veteran Made


Made by veterans and in support of veterans,  Blue Collar Boys depicts the plight of hard working Americans often felt by our returning veterans today.  Tom Irish, played by Shane Kearns, is a vet returning to his hometown after almost a decade.  Leaving to serve in Iraq for two tours, Irish returns to work with veteran Doug Redkin’s construction business and reconnects with his old friends.  Doug’s son Charlie asks Irish the question on everyone’s mind,  “where have you been?”  Having spent years on the road trying to find his place, Irish offers a vague explanation of the gap in time between his service and his decision to finally come home.  In response to the Charlie’s inquiry about his tour of duty, Irish simply states, “What do you want to know?”

Inspired by True Events:  Army National Guard veteran Kevin Interdonato, who plays Nazo in the film,  served a tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq in 2004-05 and helped put Blue Collar Boys into production.  Elements of the film’s story were inspired by personal accounts Interdonato wrote while serving in Iraq as he reflected on his own life experiences working in a family owned construction business.

Two brothers witness the crumbling of their father's construction business at the hands of a greedy developer. After the foreclosure of his family home, Red and his brother decide to fight for revenge.