The Director

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Writer/ Director Mark Nistico is a five time award-winning writer and director.  Nistico holds a B.A. in Communications from The College of New Jersey with a concentration in television/ film and a minor in English.  After college Mark transitioned into the television industry and worked as a story producer and editor.

As a director Mark has conceptualized both short and feature length narrative and documentary films, television pilots, music videos, and commercial advertisements for such clients as Mercedes Benz.  Nistico is currently furthering his foothold in social justice filmmaking working alongside Dr. Todd Wolfson (The Poverty Tour: A Call to Conscience, PBS), Rutgers University, and New Labor (see VICE) on a documentary exposing unfair working conditions with migrant temp workers in New Jersey.

Mark has been writing stories, poetry, and making films since he was a child.  As a screenwriter his credits include the feature length scripts: “Blue Collar Boys”; “Decade of Decadence”; “Sunrise on a Moonlit Life”; and “Lime Vegas”, as well as the short scripts “Hangnail”; “Milking the Chicken”; and “Shadows Over Sugar.” Mark has performed and recorded music as a percussionist for over a decade. He was trained in percussion as a child and music plays a prominent part in his visual style.

Nistico is now affiliated with a New York City, NJ and Philadelphia area corporate video and TV commercial production company as a writer/director.  For more details on his commercial work visit this website.

Two brothers witness the crumbling of their father's construction business at the hands of a greedy developer. After the foreclosure of his family home, Red and his brother decide to fight for revenge.