The Characters

red face

 Red: Played by Gabe Fazio Focus Features’ The Place Beyond the Pines

Charlie Redkin is a 27 year-old construction worker who spent most of his life working for his father.  He is a natural born leader who takes control of his own fate.  Weathered for a young man, he is conscious of his age, and is set on improvement.  Red looks up to his father, but wants more from his life then just following in his father’s footsteps.  He has goals and has begun to carry the weight of them.  He is a serious, principled man with high morals and strong convictions.  He pursues meaningful deeds and will do almost anything for his family and friends.
senior 11

Senior: Played by Bruce Kirkpatrick HBO’s The Wire
Douglas Redkin, the 53 year-old father and owner of Redkin Construction, is a man amongst men.  He’s a true blue, honest man with a calm demeanor who has built his business up from scratch.  Soft spoken but firm, Senior will do whatever it takes to provide for his family. Anchored in tradition, he’s always the first to lend a hand.  He’s a veteran, like his father before him, a pillar of strength, who bears all burdens without complaint. After decades of working himself to the bone, time has started to catch up with him, but like all great men, he’ll never show weakness.

Gene: Played by Ed Setrakian Warner Bros’ Zodiac
Gene Schlosser is the 70 year-old owner of Schlosser Developing.  He is a self-made man who clawed his way to the top.  Gene’s the only son of Armenian Jewish parents that immigrated to the United States after the Second World War. He is a product of his generation with a survivor’s mentality.  A shrewd businessman, Gene has street smarts and is manipulative in his ways.  Years of a stress filled life have made him quick-tempered, foul mouthed, and intense.  He recently lost his wife to a lengthy battle with cancer.


Ira: Played by Lev Gorn FX’s The Americans
The 40-something year-old son of Gene, Ira Schlosser is a slimy entrepreneur.  He’s calm, cool and easy to talk to, but he cannot be trusted.  Ira is a family man who spends his weekends sailing his boat. He is loyal to his father, but doesn’t always agree with his methods.  He handles the accounting of Schlosser Developing, is second in command, but only possesses a small share of ownership in the business. He will do anything to get to the top.


Patty: Played by Sonja Stuart Miramax’s Everybody’s Fine
Red’s mother, Patty, is the matriarch of the family who is about to turn 50.  She’s a secretary reminiscent of her youthful beauty, but passed her years.  Patty’s a caring but overbearing mother, who’s worrisome, easily paranoid, and often blunt.  She’s protective of her children, but quick to drop a guilt-trip on them when she feels powerless.  Patty has always wanted more from her life and holds a slight resentment against her husband and children.

Nazo: Played by Kevin Interdonato HBO’s The Sopranos
Nick DiNaso is a loose canon, a stick of dynamite filled with anger and resentment.  A true scrapper, he acts on instinct and emotion.  With a junkie mother and a father in prison, the Redkins are his only family; they took him in at the age of ten.  He is Red’s best friend, the closest thing Red has to a brother.  Nazo is fearless, reckless, and respects no one.  The few people who care about him he keeps at arm’s-length.  He’s extremely loyal to Red but walks his own path.  He holds nothing sacred and is never wrong, even when he is.  Nazo will never back down, never lay down, and he never strays from the edge.

Slim: Played by Russ Russo NBC’s Revolution
Red’s cousin Slim is a fast talker with the face and body of a weasel.  He is funny and harmless, a guy everyone likes, but few respect.  Slim has a Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing, but he’s jobless and lives at home with his parents.  He is a slippery gambler whose worst flaw is his greed.  Materialistic, lazy, and motivated only by money and sex, he dabbles in shady business for personal gain.  A wheeler and dealer, Slim is always looking for an easier way to make a quick buck.  He pushes at a low level for a city drug dealer, Thaddeus, who he met at college.

Two brothers witness the crumbling of their father's construction business at the hands of a greedy developer. After the foreclosure of his family home, Red and his brother decide to fight for revenge.